Company Overview

Oxychem Equipment Innovations andd Services primary purpose is to engage in the busines of technical and general servicing for the electrical, mechanical, and structural design for an office or building. These services includes the following

  • design, develop, install, and monitor the mechanical, electrical, structural of a residential or commercial building; designs and develops lay-outs
  • implement and build customize designs for office and buildings which includes planning advice, project management and repairs
  • supervising the construction of the building services, commissioning system and on going maintenance and operation services
  • provide heating, ventilation, and air conditioning services;
  • Design in the electrical system required for safe and energy sustaining operation of the office or building
  • pest control services including trading and distribution of chemicals, consumables, and related equipments

About our Brand Planet Laundry

Planet Laundry is a construction and consultancy company with almost 12 years of experience under itsbelt.  Their  main  purpose  is  to  help  aspiring  entrepreneur  to  achieve  their  dreams  of  owning  andoperating a successful laundry shop business. Planet  Laundry  offers  comprehensive  construction and consultancy  packages that  include designing,planning and constructing a system-ready laundry shop. Aside from the construction, Planet Laundry also delivers a complete technology transfer to their clientsthru sufficient and relevant classroom and hands-on training on both the owner and staffs to ensureseamless transition from the shop turnover to the actual operation.

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